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A path to integrity

“Great perfection appears defective, but its usefulness is not diminished.

Great fullness appears empty, but its usefulness is not diminished.

Great straightness seems crooked.

Great cleverness seems clumsy.

Great triumph seems awkward.

Bustling about vanquishes cold; standing still vanquishes heat.

Pure and still, one can put all things right under heaven.”

-Lao Tzu

Every action is equal part its opposite: we obtain different results from the same instruments of change. Even success can become failure, as failure can in turn be triumph. Greatness is not absolute, but the purity of its intent is what defines a person with integrity.

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A small, yet mind-blowing fact.

An electron is smaller than the smallest measurement ever made. We can look into other galaxies, but we do not actually know how big electrons are. We just assume a model that makes sense at certain sizes. And also this is an overdue post to an outdated website. I know, you’ve heard this before. Believe me, I too cringe at the repetition of my posts. Endure a while longer for me! I’ll make it worth your time, I promise.

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After much, much revision, the long-awaited third installment of The Reclamation is finally progressing into the next stage for publication. I will continue to work on this and Story 4 for the upcoming month. Please look forward to it!

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Neil deGrasse Tyson

One of my favorite astrophysicists unleashes a torrent of insight in a Time interview a few years back. This video helped shape my questions about the universe and my perspective on it.

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