About the WordPress:
The Reclamation is a monthly serial installment fantasy epic written by Matthew Remion, copyrighted and published by Each Voice Publishing. The series will begin with its first prepared release for e-readers on February 1st. I will update the WordPress with an image art gallery, glossaries, maps and possibly more as my readers look deeper into my written world.

About the story:
The Reclamation takes place in a parallel Earth, split from our own time stream by a chaotic eruption of magic essence called Mana. The story depicts a world with similar technology and topography to our own, shaken by a complete upheaval of magic and destruction; the characters have lived their entire lives knowing their form of magic, which they call the Arcane.

The two worlds, our own reality and the world in which The Reclamation takes place, are best envisioned as layers. Aside our own world exists a dimensional plane of space we can not see into and react with, though they both exist in close proximity. A hidden world neighboring our own… The story begins with the two mages responsible for the removal of magic from our own reality and creating the parallel plane they exist on.

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  1. Marian

    Very interesting concept. So far so good.

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