Heroes and villains, friends and foes, leaders and followers, teachers and students …



Quetzalcoatl: Aztec priest during the age of sails who summons a spirit wroth with mankind.

Yamato Ozakai: Swordssman of Japanese descent, a knight risen to lordship in England. Close companion of Darai.

Darai Bkar: Exiled Shaolin Monk from Tibet, a roaming martial artist who finds himself in service of an English Lord. Close companion of Yamato.


Lord Darius: A legendary man that saved humanity in its most dire hour. It is said he even denies death…


Argus Duvane: Fire-haired disciple of Scholar Ord.

Zalus Mestize: Mechanic on the outer rim of Dhan and old friend to Argus Duvane.

Catryn: Skillful user of the Matter Arcanum. Her threshold for Mana is unusually large for a student with her experience. Quite valuable for large-scale Matter spells.

Ordus Dayne: Aging practitioner of Forces and Space, his strength in the field is remarkable. Some Scholars believe he is close to be an arcmaster…


Coming Soon.

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One thought on “Characters

  1. Marian

    Your character page is missing the new players from Story 2

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