Story Glossary:

Gsingor: Literally “Dead Era,” the term is used to describe humans who failed to open their Third Eye after the Mana explosion in the 15th Century. Their minds and souls passed on to their respective planes of existence, while their physical bodies, reanimated by Mana, remained in the material plane.of dual Earth.

Planes: Space as we know it is divided into dimensions. The first, second and third dimensions are perceptible to us, while there are many higher dimensions we cannot observe. We can experience thought, though we cannot experience or perceive its outcomes. We know it exists, but we are unable to see it no matter how closely we look. This is the gateway to understanding planes. Planes are best described as dimensions of reality. Any aspect we can consider has a plane of existence, a space where all of the parallel realities exist in one single, absolute aspect in that plane. The plane of fire is a perceivable aspect where all space is consumed in endless inferno. The plane of spirits houses all wills for non-human beings that manifest into magic entities of thought, which embody a material realm aspect. Planar travel is unheard of, and considered unfathomably difficult by mages of Space Arcanum.

Magic Glossary:

Mana: The essence that allows humans to invoke their willpower upon the universe and manipulate the laws of reality around them. Mana exists as a response of the universe’s determinism of its growth, a raw ‘wish’ susceptible to willful minds. It has liquidity to it: when sparse, mages observe it as a fine mist. Concentrations of Mana sometimes condense to the point where one gets the sensation of breathing underwater. Even mages unlearned in any ways of Arcana generally use Mana in their spells.

The Arcane: (singular: Arcanum, plural: Arcana) Within the Arcane system of magic are ten Arcana that each govern an aspect of reality: Matter, Life, Space, Forces, Death, Spirit, Fate, Mind, Time and the realm of Mana itself, the Primal energy plane. One who practices magic is called a mage, and each mage has various levels of command over Arcana. When a mages cast Arcane magic, Mana colors their eyes with the Arcana they are manipulating. There is no verbal component to an Arcanum. There are other forms of magic and one can obtain power through many paths.

Spells: Magic is cast and will is invoked into the universe through a combination of the mind and soul. Spells do not hold any major significance in magic. They are not required when learning to perform magic, merely labeled methods of enforcing one’s will. Spells were long ago designed as a teaching tool, a verbal association for the result a mage desired. The association with the magic cast and spell names exists for ease of memory.

Pattern: The imprint of a person in space and time. Everything in the universe can be represented as a grid, and within the grid are warps and folds in the lines. These warps in the pattern are the shapes in which life, matter, forces, and so forth take form. Mages study Patterns and generally conclude that through the essence of willpower (Mana), mages can weave Patterns to create outcomes in the universe.

The Third Eye: Mages call their awakened connection to Mana their Third Eye. The terminology relates to the momentary omniscience granted when connecting to Mana for the first time. All mages experience the same phenomenon when awakening. Mages cannot affect Mana with a closed Third Eye. A combination of Mind and Primal Arcana are necessary to view the Third Eye of others.

The Tapestry: The term mages use for what they perceive as a plane of causality: possibilities and their consequences. Multiple Arcana react with the Tapestry differently.

Spell Glossary:

Ward: A Space Arcanum spell that banishes certain objects or life forms, or creates a set of rules within a space. A mage may make a rule as simple as “No ____ or you’re banished.” No fighting, no whistling, no working on Sundays. The spell is as intelligent as the caster. This spell is not considered practical in battle, though powerful Space Arcanum users enjoy using Wards to protect large areas or use it in combination with other Arcanum to create complex Wards.

Dimension Knife: An advanced Space Arcanum spell that warps space that the caster designates into a single focal point, transferring anything passing through the focused point. A mage can use this spell to connect a number of targets into a point he desires, firing a bullet or throwing a punch or whatever else the mage desires through to affect all targeted points in space. A mage can use this spell to wipe out multiple enemies at once.

Reading the Tapestry: A Fate Arcanum spell that grants the user magic sight, rendering the user capable of observing certain possibilities in their sensory range as red strings. When a specific possibility is likely enough, the event manifests itself in the mage’s sight as a string of varied thickness representing the causality associated with that event. For instance, if a person is very likely to become a pianist, he may have multiple strong connections to certain pianos important to him, people associated with his aspiration and so forth. A mage can use this to determine the causality associated with himself or others, observing the Tapestry and divining what destinies are connected to what he seeks.

Scrying: A Space Arcanum spell that connects a mage’s senses to a location of their desire as if they were present themselves. They can see, smell, taste, touch and hear wherever they can create a mental image of the target. Practicing Space mages Scry often for the convenience of scouting or investigating. A mage may also use it in combination with a ranged weapon to greatly improve its accuracy, though by the time one hopes to find himself in battle, he knows more combat-oriented spells.

Mental Network: A Mind Arcanum spell that connects minds in an immediate relay, capable of sharing thoughts, emotions, sensory information, and mental images.

Unweaving Pattern: A Death Arcanum spell that straightens the Pattern of anything, decaying its form and returning it to nothingness. Life, matter, and magic alike are susceptible to the power of entropy.

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