Guilt of a writer

No critic is quite as harsh as yourself. I know I’ve neglected portions of this website and I do apologize; I’ve been diverting all my attention to other aspects of my life. Rest assured, I will not let this continue at my readers’ expense. I will persevere to update this as often as possible. ­čÖé

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A couple of things

Really important things, like I am horrible about maintaining this website right now. I will persevere to remedy that. I am really excited for the release of Story 2. Please stick with me, I’m almost ready! I think you’ll enjoy it once I am done, there is much more to explore in the world of Arcana.

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A new spell

A teaser from the next chapter: Alter Program.

This Matter Arcanum spell combines two materials on multiple dimensions depending on the caster’s intent.

For example, a mage has cast Alter Program and combined a gun with a stick of dynamite to create a compact grenade launcher of sorts. A mage of the Matter Arcanum can combine copper with rubber to create a rubber elastic yet conductible material. In essence, they can combine nearly any mechanism or material trait with another object.

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Keeping myself busy

I’m not slacking on updating the website, I’m postponing the site update to this weekend because I should have draft 1 of story 2 finished by then. The story should come first, in my opinion.

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I find it easiest to write when I have the music I’m listening to match the mood of what I’m writing about. I love big bands and orchestras for climaxes, like during those “boss fights” I encountered in my youth of video games. ­čÖé


I’ll schedule a site update for this weekend, with expanded glossary, audio files for pronunciations and whatever else I can fit in without spoiling the next chapter!

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Almost a week now

February sure is an interesting month so far. I feel much and more will happen. ­čÖé

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The next step

The days of the month vary throughout the year, so I simply aim for a release on the 1st day of every month.

Each chapter will be 10,000 words or more, and when I reach my goal of 100,000 words, I feel my series will be worth printing hard copies. Despite my personal preference of holding a book in my hands, it can’t hurt to save a few trees in my digital endeavors.

Chapter 2 is on it’s way.

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Additional availability

The Reclamation is now available through most major e-book markets: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and of course it is available in multiple formats for different e-readers at SmashWords. Google Books is the last pending market. Follow me here, feel free to post comments and I will answer questions you have while I write the series.

Barnes & Noble

Visit the publisher too and check out their selection at Each Voice Publishing

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Official Launch

As of today, my book is available through Smashwords distribution. Additional outlets will open in the next 24 to 48 hours. I should be available on most major ebook markets soon.

Today also marks the official launch of the blog for The Reclamation. I invite my readers to discuss and express their opinions about my work as I issue chapters monthly. I intend for each chapter to be, in essence, a novella. I will blog as I write too, adding pronunciations, glossaries, and maps in time.

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The start of a lot of things

The Reclamation WordPress project is started.

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